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Issue:ISSN 1000-7083
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Relationship Between Distribution and Habitat of Amphibians in Kunming, Yunnan
Author of the article:ZHOU Wei, CAI Yong-shou, ZHANG Cheng-sheng
Author's Workplace:(Faculty of Resources, Southwest Forestry College, Kunming 650224)
Key Words:amphibian; classification; population distribution; habitat environment analysis; Kunming
Abstract:The study focuses on two aspects of amphibians in Kunming, Yunnan. Firstly, a survey on specimens and their distribution showed that according to about 450 specimens collected and recorded, there were 11 species i.e. Cynops cyannurus yunnanensis Yang, Bombina maxima (Boulenger), Bufo melanostictus Schneider, Bufo andrewsi Schmidt, Hyla annectans annectans (Jerdon), Rana grahami Boulenger, Rana chaochiaoensis Liu, Rana pleuraden Boulenger, Rana yunnanensis Anderson, Rana catesbeiana Shaw and Kaloula verrucosa (Boulenger). Which belong to 2 orders, 6 families and 6 genera. Except the bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) was introduced species while the others were endemic ones. Secondly, seasonal distribution varies of each species were observed in Beilongsi area, Kunming from June 1997 to April 1999. Annual changes of habitat of each species are controlled by water and related to ecological habit and adaptability of amphibian. Nowadays, amphibian habitat and population are greatly influenced by activities of mankind.
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