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Eight New Species of the Muscidae From Sichuan, China (Diptera : Muscidae)
Author of the article:FENG Yan
Author's Workplace:(Sanitary and Anti-epidemic Station of Yaan Prefecture, Yaan City, Sichuan Province, 625000)
Key Words:Muscidae; Helina; Mydaea; Thricops; Megophyra; New species; China
  In this paper eight new species of the Muscidae from Sichuan Prov. during 1981-1991 years are described. All of type specimens are preserved in the Medical Entomological Specimen Building, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Beijing, China.
1.    Helina hirtisurstyla sp. nov. (Fig.1)
    ♂: Body length 7-8 mm. Closely related to Helina hirtifemorata Malloch, 1926, but the latter by having frons as wide as the diameter of anterior ocellus or slightly narrower; hind tibia (t3) without long of pv seta; surstyliboth of anterior and posterior margins without a cluster of hairs. ♀: Unknown.
    Holotype ♂, Mt. Erlang (Yakou, 3100 m. 29º53´N, 102º10´E), Sichuan Prov., Jul. 16, 1982. Taken by Feng Yan; paratypes 2 ♂♂, Baoxing (Mt. Chuxu, 1400 m, 30º05´N, 102º41´E), Sichuan Prov. Jul. 28, 1983. Taken by Yang Shibin.
2.    Helina paomashana sp. nov. (Fig.2)
    ♂: Body length 5.5 mm. Resembling the Helina deleta (Stein, 1914), but the latter by having legs wholly black; fore tibia (t1) without p seta; frons less than width of anterior ocellus. ♀: Unknown.
    Holotype ♂, Kangding (Mt. Paoma, 2800 m. 30º07´N, 101º58´E), Sichuan Prov., Jul. 8, 1981. Taken by Feng Yan.
3.    Helina mimifica sp. nov (Fig.3)
    ♂: Body length 7.5-9.0 mm. Resembling the Helina fica Xue, 1985, but the latter by having t3 with a row of hair-like p setae, without pv; scutum on inner a pair vattae reach to scutellar suture; surstyli as long as wide in lateral view. ♀: Unknown.
    Holotype ♂, Mt. Erlang (Tree farm, 2658 m. 29º53´N, 102º10´E), Sichuan Prov., Aug. 21, 1986. Taken by Feng Yan; paratypes 5 ♂♂, taken by Yang Shibin and Shi Ping, same locality and dates as holotype.
4.    Mydaea subelecta sp. nov. (Fig.4)
    ♂: Body length 6.5-7.0 mm. Resembling the Mgdaea electa (Zett., 1860), but the latter by having the femora wholly yellow; Prescutum on middle part with 12 rows of setae; halteres yellow; abdomen covered with yellow pollen. ♀: Unknown.
    Holotype ♂, Kangding (Mt. Paoma), Sichuan Prov., Jul. 2, 1982. Taken by Feng Yan; paratypes 1♂, same as holotype; 1♂, Aug. 13, 1983, same locality and collector as holotype.
5.    Mydaea flavifemora sp. nov. (Fig.5)
    ♂: Body length 7.5-9.5 mm. Resembling the Mydaea urbana (Meigen, 1826), but the latter by having the fore femur largely dark-black; surstyli on postmargin protruded at middle part; lateral lobe of 5th sternite long and thin, of which directional outward on apical part. ♀: Index of frons 0.368-0.413; 4-5 inclinate ori and 2 reclinate ors present; frontal triangle not extending to lunula; t1 with 1-2P; 3rd tergite without postmarginal bristle.
    Holotype ♂, Mt. Erlang (Tree farm), Sichuan Prov., Mary 25, 1984; paratypes 5♀♀, Jun. 23, 1982, same as holotype; 6♂♂, Kangding (Mt. Paoma), Aug. 18, 1983. the above all of specimens taken by Feng Yan; 3♂♂, Jun. 10, 1987; 2♂♂, Jul. 10, 1983; 1♂, Jul. 10, 1986. The above all of specimens taken by Yang Shibin, Shi Ping and Li Guangshi, same locality as holotype.
6.    Mydaea scolocerca sp. nov. (Fig.6)
    ♂: Body length 7.0 mm. Resembling the Mydaea electa (Zett., 1860), but the latter by having the prescutum on middle part with 12 rows of setae; femora and halteres yellow; abdomen tergites densely covered with yellow pollen. It resembling the Mydaea subelecta sp. nov. too, but the latter by having the interfrontalia disappearing on middle part; circus about 1.3 times as long as wide in posterior view. ♀: Unknown.
    Holotype ♂, Kangding (Mt. Paoma), Jul. 1, 1983. Taken by Feng Yan.
7.    Thricops jiyaoi sp. nov. (Fig.7)
    ♂: Body length 6.0 mm. Resembling the Thricops tuberculata Deng, Mou et Feng, 1995, but the latter by having ia 0+1; 4th tarsomeres of fore leg without a pair long setae, 5th tarsomeres not extending to both sides. ♀: Unknown.
    Holotype ♂, Mt. Emei (Wanfuding, 3099 m. 29º59´N, 103º42´E), Sichuan Prov. Jun. 22, 1984. Taken by Feng yan.
    Etymology: The new species is named as Thricops jiyaoi is in honor after prof. An Jiyao for has made a great contrib.-utions on the study of medical Entomology especial to simuliidae work.
8.    Megophyra mimimultisetosa sp. nov. (Fig.8)
    ♂: Body length 9.0 mm. Resembling the Megophyra multisetosa Shinonaga, 1970, but the latter by having the knees not tinged with reddish-brown; mid femur without strong bristle on ventral surface; squamae yellowish-white; knob of halteres dark-brown. ♂: Unknown.
    Holotype ♂, Mt. Erlang (Tree farm), Jul. 1, 1988. Taken by Feng Lifu; paratype 1♂, same as holotype.
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