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The Construction of Transgenic Zebrafish Overexpressing Baff and the Detection of baff-related Genes Expression
Author of the article:ZHANG Li1, XIE Ying1, ZHOU Xin2, XU Zengnian1, LIU Shufeng1*
Author's Workplace:(1. Hebei Key Lab of Laboratory Animal Science, Hebei Medical University, Shijiazhuang 050017, China;2. Laboratory Medicine, The Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University, Shijiazhuang 050051, China)
Key Words:zebrafish; systemic lupuserythematosus; baff; bcl-2; il-4
Abstract: baff full length cDNA was cloned by RT-PCR and constructed to overexpression plasmid pIRES2-GFP. The baff overexpression zebrafish were successfully obtained by microinjection and fluorescence screening. The expression levels of baff, GFP as well as baff downstream regulated genes bcl-2 and il-4 in transgenic embryos were determined by qPCR. The western blot result confirmed the expression of Baff-GFP fused protein. The result of qPCR demonstrated the overexpression of GFP and baff in transgenic embryos and juvenile fish. However, although the expression of baff downstream regulated gene bcl-2 was significantly increased, the il-4 gene showed a impaired expression. In conclusion, the transgenic zebrafish overexpressing baff can be obtained by embryo microinjection, and this is a fundamental work for the establishment of lupus erythematosus transgenic zebrafish model and high throughput screening for Baff antagonist.
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