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Determination of Oocystes and Sporozoites of Plasmodium yoelii Intracellular Free Calcium by Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy
Author of the article:ZHANG Xi-lin, DUAN Jian-hua, WANG Ying, KUANG Ming-shu, HUANG Fu-sheng
Author's Workplace:(Faculty working office of Pathogen Biology, Department of Foundation, Third Military Medical University, Chongqing 400038)
Key Words:Plasmodium yoelii; oocyst; sporozoite; Ca2+; CLSM
Abstract:Distribution of oocyst and sporozoite fo Plasmodium yoelii intracellular Ca2+ was observed with Ca2+ sensitive dye Fluo-3/AM, Pluronic F-127 and confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) to measure in tracellular free calcium. The best load condition was that the oocystes and sporozoites were incubated in 4µ and 3µ mol/ml Fluo-3/AM, respectively for 60 minutes and 25% Pluronic F-127 (1µl/ml) that was used to prevent the intracellular free calcium of the oocystes and sporozoites from excretion and entering organells of Fluo-3/AM. The results effected fluorescent imaging of the oocystes and sporozoites that the concentration of Fluo-3/Am and incubation time were increased or decreased. The intracellular calcium of the sporozoites was well-distributed and mean value was 71.2±4.8nmol/L (χ±S), but the distribution ofintracellular Ca2+ is heterogeneous in the oocystes. The results showed that the one of the best methods to study intracellular Ca2+ in oocystes and sporozoites of Plasmodium yoelii is babeled by Fluo-3/AM, Pluronic F-127 and detected by CLSM.
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