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Molecular Cloning and Expression of Mytimacin Gene from Cyclina sinensis
Author of the article:LIU Xin-xin, LUO Kai-ya, GE Duan-yang, PAN Bao-ping*
Author's Workplace:(College of Life Sciences, Tianjin Key Laboratory of Cyto-Genetical and Molecular Regulation, Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin 300387, China)
Key Words:Cyclina sinensis; Vibrio anguillarum; antibacterial peptide mytimacin; realtime PCR
Abstract:The macin family of antibacterial peptide gene (mytimacin) of Cyclina sinensis were cloned with SMART-cDNA library and large scale EST sequencing method, and based on RT-PCR, we described the constitutive expression in different tissues of the mytimacin gene and analyzed the expression level of mytimacin gene in mantle after injection of Vibrio anguillarum. Result showed that the full length of mytimacin was 461 bp, with a 261 bp open reading frame encoding a 86-amino acid peptide and the deduced peptide contained a 24-amino acid signal peptide. Reverse transcriptase PCR analysis showed that mytimacin transcripts were constitutively expressed in hemocytes, liver, gill, adducter and mantle, with the highest level in mantle and the lowest level in gill. Mytimacin mRNA levels were found increasing within 6~24 h after challenge with Vibrio anguillarum, and there was significant difference with the control group (P<0.05). Above indicated that mytimacin play a fundamental role in the immune response of Cyclina sinensis.
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