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Verification and application of using in vitro touching method for identifying Multi-costa properties of Jinchuan Yak
Author of the article:Yang Jian-mei1, Wen Yong-li2*, Ma Ding-hui1, Li Shan-rong1, Fu Chang-xiu3, Ai Yi2, Luo Guang-rong4,
Author's Workplace:(1. Sichuan Province Aba Prefecture Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine Bureau, Jinchuan, Sichuan Province 624100,China; 2.College of Life Science and Technology, Southwest University for Nationalities, Chendu 610041, China; 3.Sichuan Province Head Station for Animal Husbandry, Chengdu 610041, China; 4. Sichuan Province Longri Livestock Breeding Station, Longri, Sichuan Province 624400, China)
Key Words: Jinchuan Multi-costa Yak; method of invitro touching; slaughter trial; anatomy; verification
Abstract:Objective  The object of this study is to use slaughter and anatomy method to verify the accuracy of in vitro touching method to indentify multi-costa properties of Jinchuan yak, and to provide simple and reliability indentifying method for research and productive. Method  We divided the test yaks in group A and B (individual of A with 15 pair of ribs and B with 14 pair of ribs) according the result of number of ribs which get from invitro touching test. Then we slaughtered 25% of each group randomly to verifying the accuracy of the touching result. After these, we use the method to surveying in the center region and distribution region of Jinchuan Multi-costa yak. Result  Through the slaughter test, we find the accuracy of invitro touching method is 96.15%. There was 18 yaks (approximate 95%) have 5 lumber vertebrate and only one individual (approximate 5.26%) has 4 lumbar vertebrae in the 19 yaks which have 15 thoracic vertebrate. In all of 26 yak slaughtered, the percentage of individual of 8+7+0 in the form of true rib + arched rib + floating rib was up to 68.42%, and 8+6+1 up to 31.58%. Conclusion  The invitro touching method is simple and reliable. This method is very useful to research and production for the Jinchuan multi-costa yak. In the yak with 15 pair of ribs there were numerous individuals with one more thoracic vertebrae, and moreover, the numbers of lumbar vertebrae were nature. The rib form of about 60% of yak slaughtered was 8+7+0 without floating rib. The percentage of 15 pair of ribs was 52.08% in central distributional areas and 30.21% in common areas.
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