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Drug Resistance of Escherichia coli Strains Isolated from Macaca thibetana at Mt.Emei
Author of the article:WANG Gang,FU Qin-chao,CAO Cheng-quan
Author's Workplace:(Institution of Biodiversity Conservation and Utilization at Mt.Emei, Leshan Normal University, Leshan, Sichuan Province 614004,China)
Key Words:Macaca thibetana at Mt.Emei; Escherichia coli; pathogenicity; drug resistance
Abstract:Objective  In order to provide scientific evidence for epidemic prevention and diffusion of drug resistance, analyzing of the drug resistance of Escherichia coli in Macaca thibetana at MtEmei was carried out. Method  105 macaque stool samples were collected for isolation and identification of E. coli applying pathogenic assay method. Antimicrobial susceptivity test were conducted by using the Kirby-Bauer method recommended by CLSI to examine the sensitivity against 19 antibiotics. Results The results indicated, 105 strains of E. coli were isolated including 6 strains of pathogenic stronger, 23 strains pathogenic, 76 strains of non pathogenic. E. coli isolated from different places showed different antibiotic resistance, and some strains displayed multiple drug resistance. In these E. coli strains, resistance to FUZ was common, and resistance level in scenic area was different, Yixiantian (54.29%), Zuantianpo (39.47%), Leidongping (46.87%). The drug resistance of 105 strains is different in different scenic area. The E. coli showed no resistant to 12 antibiotics at Yixiantian, and resistance to 3 antibiotics accounted for 11.43%. The E. coli showed no resistant to 7 antibiotics at Zuantianpo, and resistance to 1 antibiotics accounted for 21.05%. The E. coli showed no resistant to 8 antibiotics at Leidongpingand resistance to 1 antibiotics accounted for 18.75%. The 29 strains of pathogenic E. coli to 19 antibiotics provided 7 drug resistance pattens. Overall, advantages of resistance patterns are not significant, and there was different in different E. coli group. Conclusion Regular investigation of E. coli resistance to antibiotics was recommended, which was important to prevent and control of diseases for E. coli at MtEmei.
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