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Advances in Vertebrate Origin and Evolvement
Author of the article:JIANG Ping, GUO Cong
Author's Workplace:(School of Life Sciences, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610064)
Key Words:vertebrate; origin and evolvement; Yunnan Chengjiang Cambrian fauna
Abstract:The vertebrate origin and evolvement has always played core role of evolution and life science. Recently, there have been vital Advances in vertebrate origin and evolvement. A pipiscid-like metazoan fossil: Xidazoon stephanus, hemichordate fossil: Yunnanozoon and Haikouella, unrochordate fossil: Cheungkongella ancestralis, craniate-like/cephalochordate chordate fossil: Cathaymyrus haikouensis and zhongxiniscus intermedius and vertebrate fossil: Myllokunmingia fengfiaoa and Haikouichthys ercaicunensis had been found in Yunnan Chengjiang Cambrian fauna and have been being investigated by many scholars. This demonstrates that these fossil are intermedial transitional types that evolved from invertebrate to vertebrate. Therefore, a comparatively integrated evolutivc tree was described. D-G Shu in early life institute of Northwest University proposed the hypothesis that there were five steps in vertebrate origin based upon series of investigations concerning metazoan soft-body fossils closed vertebrate headstream. Namely, there was keystone original step before the four steps in vertebrate origin. That is to say, those vetulicolia fossils unearthed in Yunnan Chengjiang Cambrian fauna are likely intermedial transitional types that evolved from protostomes to deuterostomes. This paper reviewed advances in vertebrate evolved from invertebrate.
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