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Histological Observations on Urinary System of Sinilabeo rendahli Kimurai
Author of the article:TUO Yun, ZHANG Yao-guang*, LI Ping, YIN Jiang-xia
Author's Workplace:(Key Laboratory of Fishery of Chongqing, School of Life Science, Southwest China Normal University, Chongqing 400715)
Key Words:Sinilabeo rendahli Kimurai; urinary system; histology
Abstract:The urinary system of Sinilabeo rendahli Kimurai is composed of mesonephros, ureter and bladder. The mesonephros included renal corpuscle and renal tubules, and appeared at a low level for it had no zones of cortex and medulla but aggregation of renal corpuscles was observed in the edge of the kidney. The renal tubules were composed of the neck segment, first and second proximal segment, distal segment and the collecting duct. Eosinophil cells were found in the epithelium of the first proximal segment. Lymphoid tissue and thyroid gland interspersed in the kidney, indicating that it was a multifunction organ. The two ureters were located at the ventral position of the kidney. The musoca was single column or pseudo-stratified column epithelium without the submucosa. No longitudinal musules were present and the serosa, if any, was wery thin. The two ureters fused at the end and ran a course into the bladder, which had villi epithelium. The surface of the villi was a transitional epithelium.
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