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Issue:ISSN 1000-7083
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Summer Community of Ungulates in Shiqu County, Sichuan Province
Author of the article:ZHANG Hong-mao1,2, HU Jin-chu2*, GONG Ming-hao2**
Author's Workplace:(1.Institute of Rare Animals and Plants, China West Normal University, Nanchong, Sichuan Province 637002; 2.College of Fisheries, Huazhong Agricultural University)
Key Words:Shiqu County; Sichuan Province; ungulate; community structure; interspecific relationship
Abstract:Based on community component, structure, biodiversity and interspecific relationship, the summer community of ungulates in Shiqu County, Sichuan Province has been studied. There are 8 species of ungulates in this area. Their distribution and density vary with elevation. Line transect sampling was used to estimate their relative densities. With reference to the relationship between animals and their environment, these ungulates are classified into three subcommunities: A. In alpine exposed rock frigoridesert: Pseudois nayaur, Procapra picticaudata, Cervus albirostris, Ovis ammon, Pantholops hodgsoni, Cervus elaphus macneilli and Equus kiang; B. In alpine shrub and grassland: Procapra picticaudata, Cervus elaphus macneilli, Pseudois nayaur, Equus kiang, Pantholops hodgsoni, Cervus albirostris and Moschus chrysogaster sifanicus; C. In subalpine shrub and grassland: Moschus chrysogaster sifanicus and Procapra picticaudata. Similarities between any two of them are all low, which contributes to their significant differences in component, structure and dominant species. Research on the interspecific relation by means of 2×2 table shows that interspecific coefficients are low and even some of them are negative correlation. Results of χ2 test indicates that the correlation between most two species are not significant. The points in the two dimensions polar ordination figure are scattered. Thus, the summer community of ungulates in Shiqu County has such characteristics as simple-component, widely-scattered, slightly-competed.
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