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Issue:ISSN 1000-7083
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Effects of Basal Energy Expenditure and Gonad Tissue Masses of Tree Sparrows in Photoperiod Acclimation
Author of the article:YANG Zhi-hong1, SHAO Shu-li1, ZHANG Wei-wei1, LIU Jin-song2*
Author's Workplace:(1.College of Life Science and Engineering, Qiqihaer University, Qiqihaer, Heiongjiang Province 161006, China; 2. School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Wenzhou University, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province 325027, China)
Key Words: tree sparrow; gonad; propagation; photoperiod; basal energy expenditure
Abstract:In order to investigate the light cycle on the basal energy expenditure of tree sparrows and the effects of gonadal weight, we domesticated tree sparrows with at a temperature of 25℃, under three photoperiods in a climate box for four weeks, and then measured their body weights, basal metabolic rates (BMR), as well as the gonadal organ’s fresh and dry weights. The results showed that photoperiod is the length of the signal propagation caused by the sparrow, and affects the weight of the gonadal organ very significantly. The changes in the male sparrow’sbody weight and BMR and gonadal weight were more significant than that of female,and it entered reproductive status earlier. The basal energy expenditure of tree sparrows may decrease with photoperiod extension and gonadal organ’s masses increase. We concluded that the lower survival pressure and BMR was the basis and the key for tree sparrow breeding. Tree sparrows in early breeding seasom have a relatively low body weight and individual BMR, which is the result of energy estimates neeeded for survival and reproduction and survival pressures, and also is the result of the energy budget among the survival and reproduction of power consumption and individual fitness.
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