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Issue:ISSN 1000-7083
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Director:Sichuan Association for Science and Technology
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The Relation of Vegetation and Birds in the Hongqiao International Airport Flight Area
Author of the article:WANG Lei1, TANG Si-xian1*, CHU Fu-yin1, BO Shun-qi1, LI Meng 2, SHAO Min2, LIN Yong-wen2
Author's Workplace:(1. School of Life Science, East China Normal University, Shanghai 200062, China; 2. Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai 200062, China)
Key Words:height of grass in airport; bushes animals; bird strike avoidance
Abstract:The relationship between vegetation and birds in different heights of selected grass sample areas in Hongqiao international airport was studied between March 2008 and February 2009. Vegetation, bushes, animals and birds in the grassland were examined by field surveys, sample plant disposed in the oven, direct observation, and specimen dissection for birds; correlative data was also analyzed with the results as follows: 1) The honey plants of Compositae, Liliaceae, Convolvulaceae, and Vitaceae attracted lots of insects during the spring bloom; and plants in Gramineae, Solanaceae, Fabaceae, and Vitaceae could provide food for lots of insects and birds in autumn; 2) Vegetation biomass affected and change the types of bird species present to some extent; 3) There is significantly positive correlation between the change of diversity index on vegetation and that of grassland fauna, while the change of diversity index on birds and vegetation, grassland fauna have no correlation; 4) According to the rate of encounter, different birds prefer different grass heights. We hereby provided some measures and advice to avoid bird strikes at the airport.
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