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Issue:ISSN 1000-7083
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Ciliature Base-Associated Microtubules in the Ventral Cortex of Urostyla grandis (Ciliaphora,Hypotrichida) Revealed by Fluorescent Labeling
Author of the article:LIU Lan-Xia, YU Qi-Yao,YU Li-Li, LUAN Ju-Min,GU Fu-Kang*
Author's Workplace:(School of Life Science, East China Normal University, Shanghai 200062,China)
Key Words:hypotrichous ciliate; Urostyla grandis; ciliature base-associated microtubules; fluorescent labeling
Abstract:The ciliature microtubular organelles in the ventral cortex of Urostyla grandis were visualized by direct fluorescent labeling of FLUTAX. The organelles consist of the adoral zone of membranelles (AZM), undulating membranes (UM), frontal-midventral-transverse cirri (FVTC), left and right marginal cirri (L-and RMC), and the base-associated microtubules. These base-associated microtubules are comprised of membranelle brackets of AZM, its associated oral rib-wall microtubules, base body brackets of UM, anterior longitudinal microtubules (ALM) and posterior longitudinal microtubules (PLM) of frontal cirri (FC), ALM of TC, ALM, PLM and transverse microtubules (TM) of midventral cirri (VC) and L-and RMC. According to the results, despite the fact that ciliature base-associated microtubules of hypotrichous ciliates have a basic structural component, the composition, differentiation characteristics, location and orientation, and level of development are different. Therefore, the results provide new evidence for the morphology of cortex ciliated cells and diversity of microtubules construction.
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