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Clone and Sequence Analysis of the pol Gene of Simian Foamy Virus Type 1 Provirus
Author of the article:KUANG De-xuan1 , HAN Yuan-yaun1, LI Chun-hua1, LI Geng-dang 2, CHENG Yu1, TANG Dong-hong 1※
Author's Workplace:(1. Institute of Medical Biology , Chinese Academy of Medical Science /Peking Union Medical College, Kunming 650118;2. Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)
Key Words:simian foamy virus; pol gene; DNA cloning; sequence analysis
A 465 bp DNA segment was obtained by nested PCR from kidney culture of rhesus monkeyusing primers homologies to highly conserved portions of pol gene of simian foamy virus type 1 provirus, and clone it into the vector pMD18-T for sequencing. The pol gene was identified by comparison with other primate foamy viruses. The sequence comparison with the pol gene of SFV-1, SFV-1A, SFV-1B, SFV-2, SFVmac, SFVkm showed nucleotide homologies of 91.06%, 90.59%, 90.82%, 90.21%, 89.41%, 91.53%respectively. We conclude that limited sequenced DNA of pol gene is a powerful tool for classification as well as molecular epidemiology of foamy viruses. The phylogenetic tree of 7 foamy viruses investigated reflects the relationship between SFVkm1 and other species.
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