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Comparison and Analysis of Tadpoles between Bufo gargarizans and B. raddei from Liaoning
Author of the article:LIAN Jing,LI Pi-peng,LU Yu-yan,ZHOU Zheng-yan
Author's Workplace:(Center for Chinese Endemic Herp-breeding and Conservation Research and Liaoning Key Lab of Evolution and Biodiversity, Shenyang Normal University, Shenyang, 110034 CHINA)
Key Words:Bufo gargarizans; Bufo raddei; tadpole; morphology; classification
Abstract:The external morphological and oral disc characteristics of Bufo gargarizans and B. raddei tadpole at stage 36 were described and analyzed in this article. The tadpole body of B. gargarizans is elongate oval and black in dorsal view, tail paddle-like, both dorsal and ventral fins translucent without pigment. LTRF (labial tooth row formula) is 2 (2)/3 (viz. I:1+1/). The tadpole body of B. raddei is oval and gray-black or perse in dorsal and lateral views, and metalline shine in ventral view, the tail fusiform, dorsal fin developed and nearly translucent with black fine lines, ventral fin translucent. LTRF is 2 (2)/3 (viz.I:1+1/), few 2 (2)/3 (1) (viz. I:1+1/1+1:). There are significant differences in shape and color and oral disc characteristics between B. gargarizans and B. raddei tadpoles, as well as difference in reproduction. In discussion, the B. gargarizans tadpoles from Liaoning and West China were similar in morphological characteristics, which indicated that the B. gargarizans tadpoles were conservative in such two far-away distributed populations. And finally, the tadpole checklist of B. gargarizans and B. raddei were summarized to provide a useful tool in field monitoring and investigation.
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