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Sexual Age and Size Dimorphism of Nidirana pleuraden
Author of the article:LI Xiuqing1, YANG Zepeng1,2, YANG Xin3, LI Qisheng1*
Author's Workplace:1. Key Laboratory for Conserving Wildlife with Small Populations in Yunnan, Faculty for Biodiversity Conservation, Southwest Forestry University, Kunming 650224, China;
2. Pingbian Management Sub-Bureau of Yunnan Daweishan National Nature Reserve, Pingbian, Yunnan Province 661200, China;
3. Yunnan Tongbiguan Provincial Nature Reserve, Mangshi, Yunnan Province 678400, China
Key Words:Nidirana pleuraden; sexual size dimorphism; age; skeletochronology
Abstract:In this study, the sexual size dimorphism of Nidirana pleuraden was studied in 125 adults (64 females and 61 males) collected in July 2012 from Jianchuan County, Yunnan Province, and the age was determined by skeletochronology method. The results showed that the snout-vent length of N. pleuraden was positively correlated with other 10 morphological indexes. The average values of head length, head width, snout length, length of lower arm and hand, diameter of lower arm, length of foreleg, hindlimb length, tibia length and foot length of females were greater than those of males, which is a typical sexual dimorphism pattern. The sexual dimorphism indexes are:0.05 in the 1-year-old group, 0.06 in the 2-year-old group, 0.07 in the 3-year-old group, and 0.08 in the 4-year-old group. The increased frequency of sexual size dimorphism with age reflects the increased reproductive investment of female N. pleuraden, while the reproductive opportunity of male is less affected by body size. It supports the hypothesis of fecundity selection.
2022,41(3): 284-289 收稿日期:2021-03-19
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