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Treatment of A Captive Giant Panda with Postpartum Hemorrhage and Long-distance Transportation of Neonate
Author of the article:WEI Rong-ping,WU Hong-lin,HU Hai-ping,CHENG Yan-xi,YANG Jie
Author's Workplace:(China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda, Key Laboratory for Reproduction and Conservation Genetics of Endangered Wildlife of Sichuan, Wolong, Sichuan Province 623006, China)
Key Words:giant panda; postpartum hemorrhage; treatment; transportation
Abstract:Treatment of postpartum hemorrhage in a female giant panda at Bifengxia Base of China Conservation and Research Center and long-distance transportation of neonates by artificial nursing box is reported firstly. The female (studbook #437) was diagnosed as postpartum hemorrhage after parturition. The twin cubs were removed from the dam. Both of them were transported from Bifengxia to Wolong  in an artificial nursing box with stable temperature. The dam was treated by intramuscular injecting of 10 U Oxytocin and 3 g antibiotics Cefradine in addition to Etamsylate and vitamin K3. Four days later, the dam recovered completely and one of the larger cub was successfully returned to the dam. During the period of treatment, maternal care training with the dam to maintain her maternal behavior was conducted. The result reports here will be helpful for both captive breeding and transporting cubs due to particular reasons to save the cubs in captivity.
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