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Determination and Analysis of Serum Proteins and Bile Acid of Panthera tigris amureusis
Author of the article:ZHANG Hong-xu1, WANG Li1, ZHOU Heng-feng2, LI Ling-yi3, LI Lin1, DUAN Ru-bing1
Author's Workplace:(1. College of Life Sciences, Henan Normal University, Xinxiang, Henan Province 453007, China; 2. Xinxiang Zoo; 3. Xinxiang First People’s Hospital)
Key Words: young Panthera tigris amureusis; serum protein; bile acid
Abstract:Five biochemical indices of 13 Panthera tigris amureusis young individuals have been measured by HITACHI 7600-20 automated chemistry analyzer and then analyzed by SPSS. Some obtained data show that total protein is 66.06±6.80 g/L, albumin 34.19±2.51 g/L, globulin 31.89±4.46 g/L, prealbumin 13.22±11.64 g/L and bile acids 4.48±3.89 μmol/L. There are no significant differences in all values between male and female P. t. amureusis (P>0.05). The significant differences (P<0.01) exist in total protein, albumin and globulin between young and adult P. t. amureusis. In addition, there are significant differences (P<0.05) in total protein and globulin while no differences in  albumin between young P. t. amureusis and young Panthera tigris amoyensis.
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