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Growth and Development of Nayong Nuogu Pigs
Author of the article:LIN Jia-dong1,GUO Hong-yu1,ZHANG Wan-fa2
Author's Workplace:(1. College of Zoology, Guizhou University, Guiyang 550025, China;2. Animal Husbandry Bureau of Nayong County, Guizhou Province)
Key Words:Nuogu pig; growth and development; carcass character
Abstract:Healthy immature pigs (11 boars, 9 sows) were chosen and bred under the same forage and feeding management conditions to detect the growth and development of Nuogu pig. The average augmentation of daily body weight was 0.3427 kg in boars, 0.3483 kg in sows, respectively. The crest-time of growth was 5~6 months-old in boars and 6~7 months-old in sows, average daily augmentation of body weight was 0.382 kg in boars and 0.380 kg in sows in this period. Stem length, body height and chest circumference increased fast in the crest-time. There were linear correlation between body weight and age before 8 months-old. Growth curve was consistent with the growth regularity of living being. The absolute growth curve was also consistent with Gaussian distribution. Relative growth curve decreased as the age increased. Generally speaking, breeding period was 10~14 months. Slaughter rate was 74% and lean meat rate was 47%. This study indicated that 160~200 days was the more intensive period for body weight augmentation and some organs development of Nuogu pigs.
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