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Vegetation Cover Changes of Habitats of Hainan Eld’s deer
Author of the article:LU Xue-li1*, YUAN Xi-cai1, HE Bin1, ZHANG Hai2, FU Yun-nan2
Author's Workplace:(1. South China Institute of Endangered Animals, Guangzhou 510260; 2. Hainan Datian Nature Reserve)
Key Words: NDVI; remote sensing; conservation; nature reserve; endangered species
Abstract:According to different remote sensing images of Landsat TM, normalized difference vegetation indices (NDVI) of Hainan Datian national nature reserve and circumjacent areas, which Hainan eld’s deer Cervus eldi hainanus inhabited, were worked out. NDVI average values of the reserve and peripheral areas were 0.2485 and 0.2915 in 1991; and those were 0.1272 and 0.0827 in 2001. The results showed that vegetation covers of both the reserve and circumjacent areas were decreased, and the latter was more dropped. Vegetation cover changes were mostly resulted from human activities. Resulted from vegetation rebuilding, descending of vegetation cover of the reserve was in favor of conservation and development of Hainan eld’s deer and their habitats; and decreasing of vegetation cover of circumjacent areas should have mostly attributed to such man-made disturbances as cultivation and deforestation. It is supposed that enough spaces must be considered for the conservation of endangered species in the future.
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