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A Preliminary Investigation on Tardigrada Fauna of Qinghai Province
Author of the article:JIANG Li-qiong1, WANG Li-zhi1, 2*
Author's Workplace:(1. College of Life Sciences, Shaanxi Normal University, Xi’an 710062; 2. Department of Life Sciences, Shaanxi Institute of Education)
Key Words: tardigrada; fauna; new record; Qinghai Province
Abstract:14 species of tardigrada from Qinghai Province were described. They belong to ten genera, four families, three orders and two classes. 2 species are new records for China: Macrobiotus furciger Murray, 1906 and Isohypsibius marcellinoi Binda & Pilato, 1971. 12 species are new records for Qinghai Province: Cornechiniscus lobatus Ramazzotti, 1943; Echiniscus Canadensis Murray, 1910; Echiniscus wendti Richters, 1903; Pseudechiniscus facettalis Petersen, 1951; Milnesium tardigradum Doyére, 1840; Macrobiotus hamsworthi Murray, 1907; Macrobiotus hufelandi Schultze, 1833; Macrobiotus richtersi Murray, 1911; Minibiotus intermedius Plate, 1889; Diphascon scoticum Murray, 1905; Doryphoribius flavus Iharos, 1966; Hypsibius dujardini Doyére, 1840. This paper is the first report for tardigrada from Qinghai Province.
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