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Issue:ISSN 1000-7083
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Analysis on Trace Elelments on Raccoon Dog Fur
Author of the article:HOU Tian-ping1, WANG Song-jun 2*, CHANG Ping3, HOU Yue4
Author's Workplace:(1. Jilin Teachers Institute of Engineering and Technology, Changchun 130052, China; 2. Suzhou University of Science and Technology of Chemistry and Bioengineering; 3. College of Geoexploration Science and Technology, Jilin University; 4. College of Material and Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang University)
Key Words:raccoon dog; fur tissue; analysis; trace element
Abstract:The sample was prepared by low temperature dry ashing method. Trace elements of fur tissue on fur-bearing animal raccoon dog were analyzed by inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES). The lowest quantitatively determinable concentration were between 1.0~9.0 ng·g-1 grade for trace elements Ba, Be, Cd, Si, Y and Zn, and were between 0.01~0.09 μg·g-1 grade for microelement B, Fe, La, Mg, Mo, Ni, Ti, Co, Cr, Cu, Sr, V and Zr, and were between 0.13~0.23 μg·g-1 grade for In, Th, P and Pb. Only one of greater than 1 on the lowest quantitatively determinable concentration for Nb was 1.08 μg·g-1. This method was verified by national hairs standards GBW07601. The relative error was between 0.83%~9.59%. The relative standard deviation was between 0.81%~5.20%. These 22 elements were analyzed for fur of health and illness raccoon dog. In health raccoon dogs, the content of elements B, Co, Cr and Ni were apparently higher than that in illness ones, while the content of elements Al, Ba, Be, Cd, Mo, Pb, Sr, Ti and Zr were lower than that in illness ones. The determination data were competent for standards of biological sample analysis.
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