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Distribution and Seasonal Variation of Dead Birds in Macao
Author of the article:LIANG Guan-feng1, ZOU Fa-sheng2*, XU Yu-hui1, WU Yu-chun2
Author's Workplace:(1.Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, Macao Special Administrative Region; 2. South China Institute of Endangered Animals, Guangzhou 510260)
Key Words:Macao; density of dead birds; seasonal variation of dead birds
Abstract:866 individuals of dead birds were recorded in Macao from November 2005 to December 2006. The recorded number of dead birds differed among three areas. Mean density of dead birds was 3±0.5 individuals/ km2·yr (1 individuals/ km2·yr~6 individuals/ km2·yr). Seasonal variation of dead birds was not significant (F13,28=0.598, P=0.825), though higher during February to July. The number of dead birds was positively related with monthly relative humidity, negatively related with monthly highest temperature. Regression equation was Y=3.624X14.321X2 (X1: monthly relative humidity, X2: monthly highest temperature, F2,11=5.466, P=0.022). There were no significantly relationships between number of dead birds and mean monthly wind speed or mean monthly precipitation. The authors suggested that present mean density of dead birds might be underestimated, but density of dead birds in Macao peninsular was a reasonable estimation (6±1ind/ km2·yr).
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