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Distribution and Morphological Observation of Argentaffine Cells in Digestive Tract of Gloydius shedaoensis
Author of the article:WANG Li-ping1, LIU Peng2,3, WU Yu-qun1, ZHEN Liang-liang 2, LI Shu-lan2*, ZHAO Wen-ge2
Author's Workplace:(1. Administrative Office of Snake Island and Laotieshan Mountain Nature Concervation, Dalian, Liaoning Province 116041, China; 2. Institute of Life and Environment Science, Harbin Normal University; 3. College of Wildlife Resource, Northeast Forestry University)
Key Words:Gloydius shedaoensis; digestive tract; argentaffine cell
Abstract:The distributed density and morphology of argentaffine cells in the digestive tract of Gloydius shedaoensis Zhao were studied using the silver nitrate method of Grimelius. The results indicated that argentaffine cells distributed widely in the digestive tract, from esophagus to rectum. The distributed density of argentaffine cells was the highest in cardiacpart of stomach, the second in body of stomach part and the lowest in esophagus. They were found in between epithelial cells, at the basal region of epithelial cell, between glandular epithelial cells, and a few in lamina propria. The shape of argentaffine cells was diverse, such as cone-shape, spindle, round and ellipse. According to its morphology, argentaffine cells in the digestive tract is suggested to have endocrine and exocrine functions.
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