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Effects of Isoliquiritigenin on Embryonic Development,
Author of the article:HE Junlin, YU Si, CAO Zhixing, WANG Wenwen, ZHANG Ruoqi, LI Yuzhi*, PENG Cheng*
Author's Workplace:Key Laboratory of Characteristic Chinese Medicine Resources in Southwest China, College of Pharmacy, Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chengdu 611137, China
Key Words:isoliquiritigenin; zebrafish embryo; angiogenesis; heart rate; cardiac morphology
Abstract:Objective To study the effects of isoliquiritigenin on zebrafish (Danio rerio var.) embryonic development, angiogenesis and heart function.Methods The zebrafish embryos after 10 h and 24 h post fertilization were treated with isoliquiritigenin for 12 h; 24 h; 36 h and 48 h; and the effects of isoliquiritigenin on the fertilization development; angiogenesis and cardiac morphology were investigated and recorded by microscopy.Results The results showed that isoliquiritigenin treatment slightly inhibited the development of zebrafish embryo tail in a concentration of 4 μg·mL-1, and the development of zebrafish embryo tail could be severely inhibited by 12 μg·mL-1 of isoliquiritigenin; Isoliquiritigenin treatment significantly inhibited the angiogenesis of zebrafish embryos in a concentration of 2 μg·mL-1, and the development of zebrafish embryo tail could be completely inhibited the angiogenesis by 8 μg·mL-1 of isoliquiritigenin; At the low or medium doses of isoliquiritigenin treatment, the heart rate of zebrafish embryos was firstly reduced and then increased, but with no obviously change in cardiac morphology. At the high doses, isoliquiritigenin disturbed the heart development of zebrafish, and caused the zebrafish's pericardium and saccus omphaloentericus swelling.Conclusion Isoliquiritigenin has a good effect on anti-angiogenesis and slowing down the heart rate at the low or medium doses, but inhabits the development of zebrafish embryos at the high doses.
2018,37(6): 672-677 收稿日期:2018-04-04
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