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Endemic Belligobio pengxianensis Lo, Yao et Chen and its Survival Status
Author of the article:WANG Dingguo, SU Zhonghai, DING Ruihua*, ZHOU Lixin
Author's Workplace:Chengdu Animal Disease Prevention and Control Center, Chengdu 610041, China
Key Words:Belligobio pengxianensis Lo, Yao et Chen; habitat; living environment; conservation
Abstract:Belligobio pengxianensis Lo, Yao et Chen is an endemic fish that distributing in Jianjiang River, Pengzhou, Sichuan. This species was first recorded in 1977, and there was no subsequent report on this species since then. Some people even thought it might have been extinct. In this study, field survey was conducted in Jianjiang River in June, 2015, from June to August, 2016. The result showed that there was a certain number of B. pengxianensis. However, the distribution range and habitat quality were not as good as before, and these threatened the livelihood of this endangered fish. Some conservation suggestions were proposed based on this study.
2017,36(2): 223-226 收稿日期:2016-08-10
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