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Influence of Periplaneta americana Extract on Antioxidant Stress in Rats
Author of the article:SUI Shiyan, GE Yanan, XU Quwei, SU Jingjing
Author's Workplace:College of Agronomy and Bioscience, Dali University, Dali, Yunnan Province 671003, China
Key Words:Periplaneta americana alcohol extract; oxidative stress; gene expression; serum; ovary; rats
Abstract:Objective To study the effect of Periplaneta americana alcohol extract on antioxidant index of serum and ovary in rats. Methods A total of 17 adult female SD rats were randomly assigned to 3 groups after a week of adaption in the laboratorial environment. The rats of control group (n=5) were fed with physiological saline (9 mL·kg-1) through stomach perfusion. The rats of experimental groups (6 per group) were treated with low-dose (9 mL·kg-1, 0.03 g·mL-1) and high-dose (9 mL·kg-1, 0.09 g·mL-1) P. americana alcohol extract as described above. Rats were treated every other day for 30 days. Subsequently, the serum and ovaries of rats were collected, and the levels of malondialdehyde (MDA), superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT), nitric oxide (NO), glutathione (GSH-PX) in the serum, the expression of gene SOD, GSH-PX and CAT in the ovary were detected. Results Compared with control group, the NO content in rats serums of high-dose group (P=0.085) and low-dose group (P=0.091) showed a decreasing trend but not significant; the content of SOD in rats serums were significantly increased (P<0.05). Moreover, the content of MDA in rats serums were significantly decreased in the high-dose group (P<0.05). In addition, P. americana alcohol extract treatment significantly increased the expression of SOD gene in ovary (P<0.05). Conclusion P. americana alcohol extract can significantly increase the content of antioxidant index SOD and reduce levels of the oxidative stress indicators NO and MDA, and can also significantly increase the expression of SOD gene in ovary. Therefore, P. americana alcohol extract has a certain antioxidant stress function to the ovary of rats.
2017,36(2): 198-202 收稿日期:2016-10-14
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