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Gieysztoria knipovici, A New Record of Turbellarian Species (Rhabdocoela, Dalyelliidae) from China with Morphological Description and Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis
Author of the article:ZHAGN Lü, CAI Hui, BAO Siquan, ZHOU Jing, WANG Antai*
Author's Workplace:College of Life Sciences and Oceanography, Shenzhen Key Laboratory Bioresources and Ecology, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province 518060, China
Key Words:Rhabditophora; Rhabdocoela; Gieysztoria knipovici; morphology; molecular phylogeny; China
Abstract:A species of the order Rhabdocoela (Dalyelliidae,Gieysztoria) was collected from a brackish-water wetland (113°58'E, 22°31'N) of the Overseas Chinese Town in Shenzhen city, Guangdong province. The morphology, individual development as well as 18S rDNA and 28S rDNA phylogenesis of the species were analyzed. The results suggested that the present species is Gieysztoria knipovici Beklemischev, 1953, belonging to the family Dalyelliidae, as a newly recorded species in China. The type specimen was collected from the coast of Black Sea with the only description of its stylet features by Beklemischev (1953). For the first time, the following features were reported in this study:1) extremely long testes were located in the ventral side of body, between the anterior vitellarium and the posterior intestine; 2) apart from the sclerotic stylet, a reproducible sclerotic structure and elongated penis sheath were found to be located in the outer edge of the stylet, covering half of the stylet; 3) 1 to 5 penis sheaths were found in bursa copulatrix of the individual after mating. Given the special morphological characters of G.knipovici, its classification warrants further studies.
2017,36(1): 65-74 收稿日期:2016-10-15
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