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Acute Toxicity of Leonurus japonicus Injection in Mice and Repeated Toxicity in Beagle Dogs
Author of the article:JIANG Wenyan1, HE Yongliang1, YANG Feng1, ZHONG Zhendong1, WAN Feng2, WU Darong2, WANG Hongxing1*
Author's Workplace:1. Institute of Laboratory Animals, Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences, Chengdu 610212, China;
2. Chengdu First Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Chengdu 610018, China
Key Words:Leonurus japonicus injection; Beagle dogs; ICR mice; acute toxicity; repeated toxicity
Abstract:Leonurus japonicus injection is used for regulating menstrual disturbances and invigorating blood circulation. This study aimed to evaluate the acute toxicity of L. japonicus injection in mice and repeated toxicity in Beagle dogs. The acute toxic symptoms and death induced by L. japonicus injection were observed in mice and the LD50 was calculated by Bills method. In the repeated toxicity assay, 32 Beagle dogs were randomly divided into four groups (4 male and 4 female per group):control group (normal saline solution) and gradient L. japonicus injection treated groups (240.99 mg·kg-1, 120.50 mg·kg-1 and 60.25 mg·kg-1). Animals were intravenously administrated with L. japonicus injection by 6 days every week for 180 days followed by recovery for further 30 days.Subsequently, the weight, clinical signs, electrocardiogram, hematology, blood biochemical, serum electrolyte, urine and histopathology were examined. The LD50 of L. japonicus injection was 845.64 mg·kg-1 in mice by intravenous administration, and the acute toxic symptoms were jumping, agitation, drowsiness, activity decrease, clinical convulsions, exophthalmos and incontinence. In the repeated toxicity study, Beagle dogs presented dose related hydrostomia and emesia rather than any other drug related adverse reaction. The LD50 of L. japonicus injection was 845.64 mg·kg-1 in mice by intravenous administration, which equivalent to 394.6 times of clinical dose, and the safe dose in Beagle dogs was 120.50 mg·kg-1, which equivalent to 56.2 times of clinical dose, indicating that L. japonicus injection may have low toxicity.
2016,35(6): 871-878 收稿日期:2016-08-01
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