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Study on the Spermatozoon Structure of Andrias davidianus
Author of the article:QIAO Zhigang, SHEN Fangfang, LIU Shuyan
Author's Workplace:Fisheries College, Henan Normal University, Xinxiang, Henan Province 453007, China
Key Words:Andrias davidianus; sperm; ultrastructure
Abstract:To understand the morphology and structure of the sperm of the Andrias davidianus, and increase the success of artificial insemination, the morphology and ultrastructure of the sperm of A. davidianus were studied by transmission and scanning electron microscopy. The results showed that the sperm of A. davidianus was composed of head, neck and tail. The total length of a sperm was 216.36 μm±9.93 μm (n=30), of which the head was 65.80 μm±3.70 μm (n=30) long, and the tail was 153.52 μm±3.22 μm (n=30) long. The head was consisted of acrosome, perforatorium and nucleus. The neck was consisted of nuclear fossa, proximal and distal centrioles, mitochondrias, axoneme and axial fiber. The tail was integrated with no clear segmentation and consisted of axoneme, axial fiber, juxta-axonemal fiber and undulating membrane. The sperm of A. davidianus had less mitochondrion, and this might be accordant to the short duration and slow motion of sperm. However, there were some mitochondria in the cellular secretions that surrounding around sperm cell head during maturation process.
2016,35(4): 534-540 收稿日期:2016-04-15
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