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Description of A New Species of the Genus Aelurostrongylus (Nematoda)
Author of the article:WU Jie1, ZHANG Dehong2, HU Hongguang3, HUANG Hua3
Author's Workplace:(1. Sichuan Province Swine Breeding Institute, Rongchang, Sichuan Province 632453, China; 2. Institute of Antiparasitic Diseases, Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences, Chengdu 610041, China; 3. Chongqing Zoo, Chongqing 400050, China)
Key Words:Aelurostrongylus sinica; new species; description

Aelurostrongylus sinica Wu et Zhang, sp. nov.

This species is yellowish-brown in colour. The body is slender with swelling cuticle. The males are 13.757-21.000 mm in length, 0.179-0.214 mm in width near middle of the body and 0.102-0.187 mm wide before the bursa. All rays of the bursa which is well developed are distinct, blunt and round at the end, without reaching the bursal edge. The dorsal ray which is short and broad, is divided into tetrafurcation. The extero-dorsa rays are curved. The lateral rays rise from a common stalk, but the antero-lateral ray is longer than medio-lateral is bud-shaped prominency and the shortest. The ventral ray which rises from a same stalk, divides into bifurcation in the middle. The ventro-ventral ray with a pine-like prominence at the centre of the end edge is longer than the latero-ventral ray. The spicules are equal, with a fine transversely striated ala, 0.316-0.374 mm long, yellowish-brown in colour and bow-shaped curve, the middle width 0.007-0.009 mm, and maximum width at anteral extremity 0.010-0.019 mm. Gubernaculum is club-shaped, which is thin and hook-shaped at the anteral extremity and slightly broader and larger at the end, 0.047-0.080 mm in length and 0.007 mm in maximum width near the end. The females are 28.4-53.2 mm in length and 0.259-0.332 mm in width near middle of the body. The vulva which is situated in the posterior part of the body, is 0.143-0.182 mm from the caudal extremity. The anus is 0.025-0.071 mm from the caudal expremity. The first-stage larva is 0.289-0.328 mm in length with an undulated tail. No dorsal spine is found.

Type-specimens: Holotype 1 ♂, 1 ♀ and Paratype 9 ♂♂, 9 ♀♀.

Host: Ailurus fulgens.

Location: Bronchiolus in lungs.

Locality: Chengdu Zoo, Chengdu, Sichuan, China and Chongqing Zoo, Chongqing, Sichuan, China.

Date: 1956 (Chengdu) and 1983 (Chongqing).

Type specimens are deposited in Sichuan Provincial Swine Breeding Institute.
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