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Two New Species of Cyclocoelidae—Hyptiasmus sichuanensis sp. nov. and Hyptiasmus chengduensis sp. nov.
Author of the article:ZHANG Cuige1, CHEN Dairong1, YANG Mingfu1, LIU Shimao1, DAI Zhuojian1, JU Youyi1, YANG Weide2
Author's Workplace:(1.Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science, Sichuan Province, Chengdu 610066; 2. Veterinary Station, Chengdu Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, Chengdu 610041)
Key Words:Hyptiasmus sichuanensis sp. nov.; Hyptiasmus chengduensis sp. nov.; Cyclocoelidae; new species

This paper deals with two new species of genus Hyptiasmus found in the duck and geese collected from Sichuan Province. The salient features of these new species are given below:

Hyptiasmus sichuanensis Zhang sp. nov.

Body large and lanceolate, 15.04-23.5×5.5-7.0 mm. Egg 0.115-0.143×0.045-0.065 mm. Ovary smaller than testes. Vitelline glands united at the end of the body. Two branches of intestine curved highly at anterior 2/3 of the body and had 13-22 papulae outside and 3-9inside laterally. The intestine had not any curve and papula at posterior to 1/3 of the body. Uterus was well developed and almost filled up the whole body. Extending curvely between branches of intestine and getting to the gonopore, uterus exceeded the intestine and reached down the edge of the body posterior to 2/3 of the parasite. The uterus then exceeded the hind testis at lateral outer part of the intestine at the end of the body.

Host: duck, geese.

Date: June, 1983-October, 1984.

Location: nasal cavity; paranasal sinus.

Locality: Sichuan (Chengdu, Pixian, Anyue, Hechuan, Youyang, Guangan).

Hyptiasmus chengduensis Zhang sp. nov.

It was larger (17-24×8-9 mm) than H. Sichuanensis sp. nov.. Two branches of intestine curved as waves and had not any papula.

Host: duck, geese.

Location: nasal cavity; paranasal sinus.

Locality: Chengdu, Guangan.

The type and paratype specimens are deposited in Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science, Sichuan Province.

Both the new species differ from the closely related H. theobori Witenberg 1928 in the size of body and egg, in the features that the branches of intestine have papulae at both lateral sides and that ovary is larger than testis. It forms, therefore, the new species.
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