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A New Species of Neopsylla Wagner, From Northeast China, with Discussion
Author of the article:HUANG Guiping, XIE Yinfan
Author's Workplace:(1. Guiyang Medical College, Guizhou, Guiyang 550004; 2. Harbin Epidemis Prevention Station, Harbin 150080)
Key Words:Neopsylla monodentatiformis; new species; Northeast China

The present paper reports a new species of Genus Neopsylla from Heilongjiang, Jilin Provinces and Nei Monggol Autonomous Region.

Neopsylla monodentatiformis, sp. nov.

Diagnosis: The new species closely resembles to N. bidentatiformis Wagner, 1893 of the setosa group, but could be distinguished by the following characters: ♂ (1) Anterior margin of tergum without a tooth shaped protrusion; (2) St. with a  nodular prominence; (3) Distal arm of st. gradually narrowed from elbow th apex, isosceles triangle shaped, with same stoutness and length in a single row of 11-14 spiniforms along the ventral margin, (new species is named after this character); ♀ (4) Bulga of spermatheca as shown in Fig. 5 and 8, ellipse or round shaped, distinctly round prominence instead of being straight, hilla shorter, about 3 times as long as broad, while in that of N. bidentatiformis about 4 times as long as broad; (5) Spermathecal duct shorter than that of N. bidentatiformis.

Types: Holotype ♂, body length2.5 mm; allotype ♀, body length3.0 mm; collected on September 1979 and July 1957, off Cricetulus triton from Harbin; Paratype taken in 1951-1959, 1969, 1978-1983, off C. triton, C. barabensis, Citellus dauricus, Microtus fortis, M. brandti, Apodemus agrarius, Ruttus norvegicus, Mus musculus, Micromys minutus from Heilongjiang, Jilin Provinces and Nei Monggol Autonomous region.
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