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A New Species of The Genus Anyphaena from China (Araneae :Anyphaenidae)
Author of the article:SONG Da-xiang1, ZHU Ming-sheng2
Author's Workplace:(1.Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of sciences, Beijing 100101; 2.Hebei Pedagoical College, Shijiazhuang 050091)
Key Words:Araneae; Anyphaenidae; Anyphaena; new species

The present paper deals with a new species of the family Anyphaenidae from China, which we proposed to be named as: Anuphaena xiushanensis sp.nov. (fig.)
Holotype ♀, allotype ♂, paratypes 11 ♀♀ 7 ♂♂, Xiushan County, Sichuan Province, June 10, 1989; 1♀, Xianfeng County, Hubei Province, June 15, 1989. All types are deposited in the Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica, Beijing.
Length of females 5.48-6.19mm. Cephalothorax 2.45 long, 1.83 wide; abdomen 3.49 long, 2.46 wide.
Length of males 5.08-5.95mm. Cephalothorax 2.46 long, 2.22 wide; abdomen 3.02 long, 1.83 wide. Coxae of legs without process.
The new species may be readily distinguished from other species such as Anyphaena mogan Song et Chen by its different structure of epigynum and male palp.

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