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Effects of Olive Leaf Extract and Methadone on Kidney Function and Active Substance in the Heroin Dependence Rats
Author of the article:WANG Yu
Author's Workplace:(Department of Biology and Chemistry, Longnan Teachers College, Chengxian, Gansu Province 742500, China)
Key Words:olive leaf extract; heroin; methadone; kidney function; cyclooxygenase-2; rat
Abstract:Objective  The effects of olive leaf extract (OLE) and methadone on kidney function and active substance in heroin dependence rats were studied. Methods  Forty rats were randomly divided into four groups, including control group, model group, OLE and methadone double treatment group, and methadone treatment group. Rats of each experimental group were subcutaneously given heroin with increasing dosage to establish heroin addictive model. Subsequently, the rats were administrated with OLE and methadone for 30 d. Automatic biochemistry analyzer was used to detect the content of uric acid (UA), urea nitrogen (UN) and creatinine (Cr) in plasma. Spectrophotometry was applied to measure NO content and NOS activity in kidney tissues. Immunohistochemical analysis was used to determine cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) expression. Results  The expression levels of UA, UN and Cr in plasma and COX-2 in kidney of model group were significantly higher than those in normal control group. NO content and NOS activity of kidney were significantly decreased compared with normal control group. After OLE and methadone administration, the levels of UA, UN and Cr reduced. NO content and NOS activity in kidney increased while the COX-2 expression declined. Combined usage of OLE and methadone had better efficacy on preventing kidney damage compared with that by single methadone treatment. Conclusion  OLE and methadone could alleviate the kidney damage in heroin addictive rats, which might be related to the decreased uric acid content and urate deposition, increased levels of NO and NOS, and inhibited COX-2 expression.
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