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A New Species of Phaonia From Sichuan, China (Diptera : Muscidae)
Author of the article:FENG Yan
Author's Workplace:(Sanitary and Anti-epidemic Station of Yaan Prefecture, Yaan, Sichuan Province 625000)
Key Words:Muscidae; Phaonia; Mengshan
The present paper deals with a new species of the genus Phaonia R.-D. from Sichuan, China. The type specimens are kept in the Sanitary and Antiepidemic Station of Yaan Prefecture, Sichuan.
Phaonia mengshanensis sp. nov. (Figs. 1-7)
: Body length 6.0-7.5 mm. It is closely similar to the Phaonia rubriventris Emden, 1965, but differs from the latter by the eyes sparsely covered with hairs; 3rd antennal segment and jowls wholly dull colour; fore femur darkish; abdomen pale orange and dark orange to fuscous of 4th tergite posterior part (a few specimens including 4th tergite entire) to 5th tergite, and with a median longitudinal turmeric colour stripe on 2nd to 3rd tergites.
♀: Body length 6.0-7.0 mm. Eyes with piecemeal ciliated; interfrontalia black and 4 times as wide parafrontalis, frons about one-third the head width; abdomen dark-orange, 1st to 4th tergites each with a fusco-brown large spot; lateral margin of 1st abdominal segment translucent; 1st sternite bare.
Holotype , Yaan (Zhougongshan, 1760 m, 30º00´N, 102º59´E), 11, May, 1989; Allotype , Mingshan (Mengshan, 1440 m, 30º02´N, 103º01´E), 27, May, 1990; Paratypes: 9♂♂ 1 , May to October, 1987; 8 ♂♂, May to Septemper, 1988.Locality: same as holotype, All collected by Feng Yan.
Bionomics: This new species may be found in May to October. Adults were collected from on jungles or bamboo groves (Sinarundinaria nitida) of 1200-2000 m mountainous areas. Life history unknown.
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