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A New Spcies of Acuarioides From Birds (Spirurida : Acuariidae)
Author of the article:ZHANG Lu-ping1, WANG Zhi-yun2
Author's Workplace:(1.Department of Biology, Hebei Normal University, Shijiazhuang 050016; 2.No. 1 Middle School of Renqiu, Hebei Province 062550)
Key Words:Spirurida; Acuariidae; Acuaria; new species
Acuaria cincli sp. nov. (Fig, 1-6)
Holotype ♂, allotype ♀, paratypes 2 ♂♂, 2♀♀ were collected from the gizzard of a bird, Cinclus pallasii (Temminck) from Pingshan County (38º41´N, 113º67´E), Hebei Province.
The new species is similar to A. microecae Mawson, 1972 in the cordon length, but differs from the latter in the spicules (1) The left spicule longer than right one in the former versus two equal length spicules in the latter. (2) 6 pairs of postanal papillae in the former but 7 pairs latter. (3) Vulva position, a little forward from the middle of the female body in the former but a little backward latter. (4) The egg size bigger in the former.
The new species resembles A. minuta Williams, 1929 in the shape and size of spicules, but can be distinguished from the latter in having shorter cordons and 6 pairs of postanal papillae (7 pairs in the latter), and in caudal length of male.
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