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Notes on a New Species of Postharmostomum (Digenea : Brachylaimidae)
Author of the article:YANG Guang-you1, ZHANG Tong-fu2
Author's Workplace:(1.Sanitary and Anti-Epidemic Station of Yaan Prefecture, Yaan, Sichuan Province 625000; 2.Sichuan Agricultural University, Yaan, Sichuan Province 625014)
Key Words:Trematoda; Brachylaimidae; Postharmostomum; new species
This paper reports a new species of Postharmostomum (Postharmostomum) found from Rattus nitidus Hodgson in Yaan City, Sichuan, China. The type specimens are deposited in Sanitary and Anti-Epidemic Station of Yaan Prefecture.
Postharmostomum (P.) chinenesis sp. nov. (Fig., 1-3)
Body elliptical, thick, 3.08—5.05×1.42—2.70 (3.76×1.80) (Measurements are given in mm and average in parenthesis). Oral sucker subterminal and subcircular, 0.350—0.620×0.311—0.540 (0.462×0.405); Acetabulum round, 0.261—0.570×0.282—0.500 (0.380×0.371), situated near the junction of anterior and middle one-thirds of the body. Acetabular index 1: 9.05—12.35 (10.08). Prepharynx absent, pharynx 0.173—0.320×0.180—0.350 (0.237×0.240).Esophagus disapparent; Ceca sinuous, well-developed, terminating in the subterminal of the body.
Anterior testis pyriform or irregularly triangular, left to the junction of middle and posterior one-thirds of the body, 0.248—0.580×0.246—0.650 (0.407×0.462); Posterior testis kidney-shaped, in the central area behind anterior testis, 0.451—0.950×0.240—0.500(0.632×0.313). Cirrus sac well-developed, saccular, 0.950—1.500×0.040—0.130(1.100×0.087). Genital pore in middle line, just in front of the anterior testis. Ovary oval or subglobular, 0.155—0.310×0.243—0.500(0.237×0.328), right to the body between testes. Uterus coils occupied the fields from oral sucker to ovary. Vitelline follicles both estracaecal and intracaecal, extending from behind acetabular to the anterior and lateral regions of anterior testis. Eggs grey, oval, asymmetric, 0.033—0.035×0.018—0.020(0.034×0.019).
Host: Rattus nitidus Hodgson
Location: Small intestine
Locality: Yaan City, Sichuan, China
Type specimens: Holotype 1, paratype 29
Diagnosis: This new species is closely related to P. (P.) freitasi Gomes, 1979, but differs from the latter in: (1) bodysmaller; (2) oral sucker larger than acetabular; (3) Vitelline follicles extended from behind acetabular to the anterior and lateral regions of anterior testis; (4) egg smaller.
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