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The Determination with MIC and MBC of Three Anti-Microbial Agents to Pathogenic Bacteria of Giant Panda Hemorrhagic Enteritis
Author of the article:ZHANG Chuan-bin1, GAO Xun-kun1, GU Shu-jun1, ZHANG Zai-rong1, LI Guang-han2, ZHONG Shun-long2, ZHANG
Author's Workplace:(1. Department of Microbiology, West China University Medical Sciences, Chengdu 610041; 2. Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding & Chengdu Zoo, Chengdu 610081; 3. Sichuan Provincial Sanitary and Anti-Epidemic Station, Chengdu 610031)
Key Words:giant panda; hemorrhagic enteritis; pathogenic bacteria; anti-microbial agents; MIC; MBC; determination
Abstract:In this study, antibiotic bacteriostatic and bactericidal tests in vitro to 13 strains of O152 (EIEC O152) were done quantitatively. These 13 strains of O152 (EIEC O152) were separated from 13 giant pandas with hemorrhagic enteritis from Sept. 1988. They represented different separation years and different originals. The purposes of this study were to assist clinical application of antibiotics, to monitor the emergence of resistant strain and to find other susceptible agents.
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