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Effect of Different Ecological Factors on Monopterus albus Spawning Rate
Author of the article:DUAN Guoqing, JIANG He*, HU Wang, LING Jun, HU Yuting, PAN Tingshuang, CHEN Honglian
Author's Workplace:(Fishery Institute of Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hefei 230031, China)
Key Words:Monopterus albus; density; sex ratio; ecological factors; spawning rate
Abstract:This paper studied the effects of density, sex ratio, water level, depth of soil, illumination time and habitat on the spawning rate of Monopterus albus in net cages from May to August in 2012 and 2013. The results showed that, the spawning period of M. albus lasted for 80 d (from June to August in Anhui) with two spawning peaks in late June and early August. The number of spawning increased along with density in cages which will be declined when the density was greater than 6 tail/m2, spawning rate declined. Additionally, the increase number of female eel will increase the spawning number. Significant difference spawning rates (P<0.05) were observed among water level, soil depth and illumination time. Habitat had no significant influence on spawning rate (P>0.05). In certain soil depth, spawning rate generally decreased with increasing water level. For water level, spawning rate increased with the increasing soil depth. Furthermore, interaction between water level and soil depth had significant impact on spawning rate; and spawning rate generally increased with increasing illumination time, and the highest rate was observed in the all-day light spawning group.
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