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Issue:ISSN 1000-7083
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The Carbon and Nitrogen Stable Isotope Study of Oreolalax rhodostigmatus Tissue and Organ in Guizhou Black Cave
Author of the article:ZHENG Chuanwei, XU Chengxiang*, LI Daohong, HAN Kang, LUO Qinghuai
Author's Workplace:(College of Life Sciences, Guizhou Normal University, Guiyang 550001, China)
Key Words:δ13C; δ15N; Oreolalax rhodostigmatus; tissue and organ; black cave; Guizhou
Abstract:Stable Isotope Technique was used to study the isotopic composition of δ13Cand δ15N in Oreolalax rhodostigmatus tissues and organs in Guizhou Black Cave. The results showed that the average range of δ13Ccomposition in gastrointestinal, muscle, kidney, liver and bone was -23.5763‰~-22.5933‰ and its span is 0.9830‰. The average range of δ15N was 6.2940‰~7.2193‰ and its span is 0.9253‰. The highest δ13Clevels was observed in bone followed by muscle, digestive tract, kidney and liver; while the highest values of δ15N was also observed in bone followed by liver, kidney, muscle and digestive tract. Moreover, the contents of δ13Cand δ15N were varied between ages or sexes. The highest δ13Cvalue was observed in larvae female followed by adult female, larvae male and adult male. The highest δ15N value was observed in larvae male followed by adult male, larvae female and adult female. Spearman correlation analysis showed that the δ13Cvalues in Oreolalax rhodostigmatus liver and δ15N values in kidney and liver were significantly changed along with the increase of body length and wet weight (P0.01).
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