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Surveys on the Population Dynamic of Whooper Swans Cygnus Cygnus at Important Wintering Areas in China
Author of the article:ZHANG Guogang, DONG Chao, LU Jun*, HOU Yunqiu
Author's Workplace:(Key Laboratory of Forest Protection of State Forestry Administration, National Bird Banding Center of China, The Research Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection, The Chinese Academy of Forestry, Beijing 100091, China)
Key Words:whooper swan; Qinghai Lake; Pinglu of Shanxi; Rongcheng of Shandong; Yulin of Shaanxi
Abstract: Three wintering areas and a stopover site of whooper swans were investigated in this study. The three wintering areas are located at Qinghai Lake, the Yellow River wetland at Pinglu county of Shanxi province and Rongcheng city of Shandong province. The stopover site is located in Yulin city of Shannxi province. The results showed that the swans wintering population at Qinghai Lake was the largest among the three wintering areas, and the peak population was more than 2000 individuals. The wintering population in the Yellow River wetland at Pinglu was 1806, and 1511 at Rongcheng. The migration population stayed at Yulin was 5006. During the surveys, it was found that the habitats of swans in Pinglu and Rongcheng and Yulin were destroyed, such as dam and road construction at Wuding River wetland of Yulin, mudflat reclamation at Pinlu, and fishing at Rongcheng of Shandong province. Finally, some effective measures were put forward to protect the species.
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