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A New Species of Curvipennis Huang from Western Yunnan (Orthoptera: Acridoidea)
Author of the article:MAO Ben-yong1, ZHENG Zhe-min2
Author's Workplace:(1.Department of Biology, Dali Teachers College, Dali, Yunnan 671000; 2.Institute of Zoology, Shaanxi Normal University, Xian 710062)
Key Words:Orthoptera; Catantopidae; Curvipennis; new species
This paper deals with a new species of grasshopper from western Yunnan Province. Type specimens are deposited in the Institute of Zoology, Shaanxi Normal University and the Department fo Biology, Dali Teachers College, Yunnan Province.
Curvipennis furculis, sp. nov. (Fig.)
The new species resembles C. wixiensis Huang, but distinguishes from it in the following characters: (1) Longitudinal diameter of eye in male about 1.22-1.26 times the transversal one. (2) Length of prozona of pronotum about 1.63-1.76 (in male) or 1.47(in female) times the length of metazoan. (3) Terminal tergite of male with small triangular furcula. (4) Anal plate of male with central longitudinal sulcus in the whole length. (5) Cercus of male reaching to or beyond the apex of anal plate.
Length of body:♂15.5-16mm, ♀20.2mm. Length of pronotum:♂3.4-3.8mm, ♀4.8mm. Length of elytra:♂2.3-2.6, ♀3.8mm. Length of hind femur:♂7.5-8mm, ♀11mm.
Holotype♂, Lanping, Yunnan, 20, 1996, collected by yang Lingzhen.
Allotype, Lanping, Yunnan, 18, 1996, yang Lingzhen.
Paratypes 3♂♂, as holotype.
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