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The Influence of Lentinan on the Immunological Indicators of Juvenile Jian Carp (Cyprinus carpio var. Jian)
Author of the article:HUANG Xiaoli1, DENG Yongqiang2, ZOU Jianping3, WANG Kaiyu4, DU Zongjun1*, GENG Yi4, CHEN Defang1
Author's Workplace:(1. Department of Aquaculture, College of Animal Science & Technology, Sichuan Agricultural University, Ya’an, Sichuan Province 625014, China; 2. Sichuan Provincial Center for Animal Disease Prevention and Control, Chengdu 610041, China; 3. Sichuan (Jiangbian) Power Plant of CLP Group, Chengdu 614000, China; 4. College of Veterinary Medicine, Sichuan Agricultural University, Ya’an, Sichuan Province 625014, China)
Key Words:lentinan; Cyprinus carpio var. Jian; immunological indicators

In the study, the juvenile Jian carp (Cyprinus carpio var. Jian) were fed with gradient levels of lentinan (0 g/kg, 0.8 g/kg, 1.2 g/kg, 1.6 g/kg, 2.0 g/kg, 2.4 g/kg) for 49 days, and the immunological indicators of lentinan fed juvenile Jian carp were then evaluated. The results showed that no significant change was observed in the amount of erythrocyte and leukocyte after the juvenile Jian carp were fed with different concentrations of lentinan, while the leukocyte bactericidal activity, serum lysozyme activity and SOD activity were increased by various extents: the leucocyte bactericidal activities of lentinan fed fish were significantly higher than the control group, especially at the concentration of 0.8 g/kg (P<0.01). In addition, the serum lysozyme activity was elevated along with the increasing of lentinan concentration. When the lentinan concentration was higher than 1.6 g/kg, the serum lysozyme activities were significantly higher than the control and the 0.8 g/kg group (P<0.01). The serum SOD activity was also improved when the fish were fed with different levels of lentinan, and the highest level was observed in the 2.0 g/kg group (P<0.01), moreover, the SOD activity was decreased in a less extent in the 2.4 g/kg group. However, no significant variation of the levels of IgM was detected between the test group and the control group (P>0.05) when the fish were fed with lentinan.

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