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Artificial Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer of Shaanbei White Cashmere Goat
Author of the article:YU Honghao1,2, YAN Hailong1,2, JING Xiaoqi1,2, HU Junhe1,2, FENG Ping1,2, QU Lei1,2*
Author's Workplace:(1. Life Science Research Center, Yulin University, Yulin, Shaanxi Province 719000, China; 2. Shaanxi Cashmere Goat Engineering and Technology Center, Yulin, Shaanxi Province 719000, China)
Key Words:nuclear transfer; handmade cloning; goat; denucleation; fusion

Artificial nuclear transfer is a type of micromanipulator-independent nuclear transfer method. Oocyte denucleation and fusion of enucleated oocyte and donor somatic cell are the technological difficulty of artificial nuclear transfer. In this study, the artificial denucleation method of goat oocyte was optimized and the orbicular rate and enucleated rate of enucleated oocyte were 83.45%±3.2% and 98.61%±1.9%, respectively. The enucleated oocyte and donor somatic cell was fused by chemical assistant fusion method, and the fusion rate was 89.05%±4.33%. Cloned embryos were reconstructed using the optimized method above, and the cleavage rate and blastocyst rate were 83.45%±2.47% and 23.4%±5.83%, respectively. In conclusion, the denucleation method of oocyte was optimized and the chemical assistant fusion method was constructed in this study, thus the goat somatic cell cloning technique system was successfully established on the basis of handmade nuclear transfer.

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