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Fishes in the Heilongtan Reservoir and Its Drainage
Author of the article:LI Wei-xian, WU De-fan, XU Kun, GAO Xing-ming, CHEN Ai-ling, WU Qiong-li, WANG Jian-hui
Author's Workplace:(The Heilongtan Reservoir, Lunan County, Lunan, Yunnan Province 652200)
Key Words:fish resource; new species; Heilongtan Reservoir; Lunan; Yunnan
Fish resources in the Heilongtan Reservoir and its drainage have been investigated by the authors since 1965 and 48 species recoded in which 36 including 7 new species are local ones belonging to 28 genera, 7 families and 4 orders. Among 7 new species, 5 i.e. Sinocyclocheilus macrocephalus Li, S. oxycephalus Li, S. lunanensis Li, Noemacheilus lunanensis Li et Xia, Anabarilius goldenlius Li et Chen have been recorded previously. In the paper, the other two i.e. Yunnanilus macrositanus Li. sp.nov. and Yunnanilus forkicaudalis Li. sp.nov. are described. In addition, the fish fauna and the biogeography are analysed too.
The two new species are described as follows:
1.    Yunnanilus maxroistanus Li.sp.nov(Fig.1)
Holotype: No. 6502041. Body length 49mm, collected from Heilongtan (24º45´42″N, 103º15´29″E), Lunan, Yunnan in September 1965. Paratype: 1 specimen, No. 6502042. Body length 52mm, collected from the same locality as the holotype.
D.iii-7; A.ii-5; P.i-11; V.i-8; C.i-16-17-i. Gill-rakes 8
Body depth in standard body length 4.7-4.9, head length 4.0-4.5, length of caudal peduncle 7.0-7.4, depth of caudal peduncle 8.8-10.4; Snout in head length 2.2-2.6, eye 5.5-6.5, interobital width 2.8-3.3. Depth of caudal peduncle 1.4 in its length.
The new species is distinguished from Yunnanilus beipanjingensis Li. Mao et Sun (1994) by its side body 8-10 both large and circular black spack.
2.    Yunnanilus forkicaudalis Li. sp.nov.(Fig.2)
Holotype: No. 6509047. Body hength 68mm, collected from Heilongtan, Lunan, Yunan in September 1965, Paratype: specimens, No. 6509046, 6509048-49. Body length 36-62mm, collected from the same locality as the holotype. The other 2 specimens No.940901-02. Body length 54-84mm, collected from Niujie Township (24º05´N, 104º02´E), Luoping, Yunnan in September 1994.
D.iii-7; A.ii-5; P.i-911; V.i-8; C.i-16-i. Gill-rakes 12
Body depth in standard body length 4.6-5.2(4.9), head length 3.8-4.5(4.0), length of caudal peduncle 6.2-9.0(7.7),depth of caudal peduncle 10.0-12.0(10.9); Snout in head length 2.3-2.7(2.5), eye 6.0-8.0(6.9), interobital width 3.6-4.0(3.8). Depth of caudal peduncle 1.2-1.8(1.5)in its length.
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