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Issue:ISSN 1000-7083
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Director:Sichuan Association for Science and Technology
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Effects of urbanization on butterfly diversity of Taizhou
Author of the article:LIN Hongwei,WANG Changjie,YANG Li,ZHAO Danyang…
Author's Workplace:台州学院生命科学学院,浙江台州
Key Words:Urbanization,Habitat types,Butterfly abundance,Biodiversity
Abstract:Butterfly is an important biological indicator for evaluating the impact of the urbanization on biodiversity. Urbanization is increasing in Taizhou City, however, the impact of urbanization on butterfly diversity has not been evaluated. From April to September in 2017, six line transects of three different urbanized regions were selected according to urbanization gradient in Taizhou City, and line transect method was taken for butterfly survey; meanwhile, statistical analysis was employed to evaluate the effects of urbanization on butterfly diversity of Taizhou City. Results showed that 142 species of butterflies, belonging to 5 families and 85 genera, were investigated from three sample regions, and Pieris rapae is the dominant species. The richness, diversity, evenness and species dominance were rural > suburb > urban area, and with significant difference. Significant differences were detected of the number of families, genera and species between three different urbanized regions; without and with significant difference of same and different sample regions of the numbers of families, genera and species, respectively. In the number of individuals, significant difference between rural line transect 1 (V1) to urban line transect 1 (U1), V1 to U2 and V2 to U1, and others without significant difference. We concluded that urbanization have significant negatively effect on the number of species and individuals of butterfly in Taizhou City, and the number of upper species level of butterfly are as suitable index for evaluating urbanization in Taizhou City.
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