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Issue:ISSN 1000-7083
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Director:Sichuan Association for Science and Technology
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Diversity and distribution of Polypedates species on Hainan Island
Author of the article:
Author's Workplace:Hainan Normal University
Key Words:distribution pattern; Hainan Island; Polypedates
Abstract:It is very difficult to distinguish between and define the distribution of the various species in the genus Polypedates owing to their superficial morphological similarities, wide distribution, and partial sympatry. Although the distribution of Polypedates species has been verified on Hainan Island, systematic surveys of species diversity and species-specific distribution in this area is limited. The existence of cryptic species is not clear. In this study, 256 Polypedates specimens were collected from July 2015 to July 2017 from 30 selected geographical populations based on the topographic characteristics of Hainan Island. By comparing morphological characteristics and phylogenetic relationships, only P. megacephalus and P. mutus were confirmed to occur on Hainan Island. Moreover, no cryptic species were found. Polypedates megacephalus was found to be widely distributed throughout the island, while P. mutus only occurred in the middle and southern mountains. Supported by molecular data, the differences in the following morphological characteristics were found to be suitable for distinguishing between the two species: body size, presence of spots on the sides and reticulate patterns in the latter half, reticulate patterns in the posterior part, tibial tarsal joints stretch to the eye, nostrils drawn into a snout. These stable and typical morphological characteristics can accurately distinguish between P. megacephalus and P. mutus of not only Hainan Island, but also from other distribution areas.
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