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Issue:ISSN 1000-7083
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Analysis on Intestinal Microbial Diversity of Adult Periplaneta americana
Author of the article:HAO Yan-qin,ZHOU Chuang,JING Jia-zheng,SHEN Yong-m
Author's Workplace:1、Key Laboratory of Bio-resources and Ecological Environment, Ministry of Education, College of Life Science, Sichuan University,2、 Sichuan Key Laboratory of Medicinal Periplaneta americana,
Key Words:Periplaneta americana; intestinal microbes; high-throughput sequencing
Abstract:Periplaneta americana is not only an important health pest, but also an important medicinal insect. Many studies have shown that the type and quantity of intestinal flora are closely related to host health. In this experiment, 16S rDNA high-throughput sequencing technique was used to analyze the gut microflora of artificially fed American cockroach. The results obtained 67492 16S rDNA sequences, classified as 581 OTUs, annotated to 21 phylum, 79 order and193 genera . Firmicutes (56.96%) and Bacteroidetes (33.13%) were the dominant gut bacteria of American cockroach in the intestinal tract . Staphylococcus (16.59%)、Bacillus (13.26%) and Parabacteroides (10.26%) were predominant genus present in the gut microbiota of adult. Periplaneta americana . Staphylococcus sciuri species (14.95%) was especially prevalent in the cockroach gut. The results laid the foundation for further exploration of the intestinal bacterial diversity and the relationship with the host in American cockroach.
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