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Gene sequence of COI and Cytb of White-bellied Heron and Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis of Ardea Genus
Author of the article:Chen Xi, Wang Bin, Luo Xu
Author's Workplace:Southwest Forestry University
Key Words:Ardea insignis;CO1 gene;Cytb gene;Phylogenetic tree
Abstract:The Ardea insignis is a rare species and the IUCN lists it as a critically endangered species. It belongs to the genus Ardea in the family Ardeidae. There are very few studies carried on this species. We obtained CO1 and Cytb gene sequences of Ardea insignis using PCR technology. The length of the Cytb gene was 1163 bp, content of A + T ( 51. 7%) was higher than that of C + G ( 48. 3%). The length of the CO1 gene was 724 bp,content of A + T ( 52. 7%) was higher than that of C + G ( 47. 5%). Base bias was the most remarkable in the third site of both genes. Combined with the sequences of the other 6 Ardea species form Genebank, we constructed phylogenetic tree of Ardea genus. The result showed that the 7 species of Ardea formed a monophyletic clade, with the posterior support at 96%. A. alba and A. insignis were at the basal of this clade, indicating their early diverge. Based on the genetic analysis, A. purpurea was the most closely related species to A. insignis.
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